Write for us!

Write for us!

Establish yourself as a WordPress Thought Leader

If you supply any type of WordPress service, whether it’s WordPress website development, Theme or Plugin customisation, Consulting, Design, Marketing, SEO, Hosting etc then why not write for us and set your mark as a Thought Leader and Industry Expert, whilst also helping to drive high-quality traffic & work enquiries to your Vendor profile.

It’s completely free to upload articles to WPHire, just follow these simple steps and guidelines:

  1. Create a Vendor account
  2. Once you have verified your account, hit the ‘Submit News Article’ button on the header menu and you’re good to go

Guidelines & Tips

Unique content

Our aim is to make sure we drive as much traffic to your articles and Vendor profile as possible, so in order to do that, we kindly request that your articles are not already published online anywhere else. We will check every article before publishing them, so please make sure your content is unique – simples!

Follow the tips!

During submitting there are tips for each part which we hope are self-explanatory – just follow them!

Spelling & Grammar

It goes without saying that spelling & grammar should be of a high standard, poor quality articles will not be published. Please proof read articles before publishing and use tools such as grammarly.com, reverso.net, languagetool.org or writer.com to check spelling and grammar – get what we mean? 😉


We highly recommend optimising your copy for SEO, so it’s a good idea before you start creating or optimising your article to install a plugin such as SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant (also available as a Google Docs add-on). As you write (or review) content, the plugin will help you to ensure that it is written in an SEO-friendly way, and will give recommendations and an analysis based on your given keyword.


We highly recommend using images throughout articles to help explain your points and to make the article look more inviting, but please only use images that you have the right to use – as you’ll read in our Terms & Conditions, you are 100% responsible for the images you use and will be held accountable for any misuse – you have been warned!

There are lots of royalty-free image websites such as pixabay.com, pexels.com or unsplash.com and why not go that one step further and use a free online image editor such as pixlr.com to add a touch of personality to really help make your images stand out!

Image sizes

Ideally, the header image should be landscape with a max width of 1024px.

Images embedded within the article have a max width of 750px.

It would be appreciated if you could resize your images to these parameters and keep the file size to a max of 256kb.

There are various free online tools to resize and reduce the file size such as picresize.com, resizeimage.net, befunky.com or if you use a Mac we love pichiapp.com.

Copy length & format

Articles should be a minimum of 800-1,000 words (there is no max limit).

To help keep engagement and for easy-reading, we recommend using short paragraphs and use the various formatting tools to help make it look as interesting as possible.


Please include a minimum of 3-4 sub-headings using the Heading tags, which we’ll use to create a Table of Contents.


We are open to any type of subject that you feel would be relevant and interesting.

These could be experiences or updates about WordPress Themes or Plugins, ‘How to’ articles, Step by step guides, Opinion pieces, Future foresights – you name it!

What we do not accept are articles that offend or slate each other – that’s what social media is for 😉


We understand the importance of linking to your website and to other sites you might mention in your articles, but the idea is to drive traffic to Vendor profiles, so please use links sparingly – an absolute max. of 3 per article.


You can embed YouTube videos within the article, simply just copy & paste the YouTube url into the article.


We recommend to always finish with a summary of the article and to help with engagement, it’s a good idea to ask a question inviting readers to leave comments – this will also help with search rankings!

Bonus exposure!

For articles we feel are that little bit special, we’ll invest in boosting them to a wider audience through our various channels and tricks of the trade, which will guarantee 1000’s of more views.